17 April 2014

Joining the craziness that is #shopmycloset

Alright, so if you've been following me for awhile, you know that I've come across an incredible consignment shop that has a weekly 'Quarter Sale', the items include items the store didn't feel they could sell, or items that are out of season. I ONLY shop at the quarter sale anymore & have Presley stocked on clothes (she is 15 months now) through 2t. I've shopped & sent clothes to friends & finally decided that I should share the wealth & open an Instagram shop.

If you haven't heard, YES, you can shop on Instagram. Crazy right?! So, the items that I am selling will be clothing that was just too perfect to pass up, clothing that didn't fit me correctly after purchase, or items that I am not wearing any longer. Items will be gloriously cheap & will ultimately just cover shipping & my time & effort taking to find them & list them.

So, hop on over & follow me, I'll be posting items daily. Let me know if you are looking for anything specific & i'll keep my eyes open.

Leave me your IG handle in the comments section, I'd love to follow you
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16 April 2014


Yesterday was the long awaited surgery day. After a full 2 hours of sleep, we got the girl up & headed out at around 5am. The hospital is about 45 minutes away and we needed to be there at 6am. There is nothing worse than breaking cardinal rule #1 (never wake a sleeping baby) to drive her 45 minutes on an empty stomach to surgery. We propped up the iPad on the seat & kept her happy to Frozen. Thank the heavens for modern technology. 

Of course, with my luck - we hit traffic. Not wanting to show up super late, we called to notify the office we would be about 10 minutes late, and were told that Presley wasn't on the schedule & her doctor wasn't even working that day.

**queue raging Mother on no sleep, who has been counting down till this surgery for months**

I may or may not have said some choice words as practice. I was going to walk into that hospital to throw it down. 

We showed up & got checked in no problem. I'm guessing we called the wrong Phoenix Children's Hospital Outpatient facility because they had her paperwork all ready to go, handed us a stuffed animal & about 10 minutes later we were called back for her Pre-Op. #shouldhaveletitgo
A few minutes later Presley was handed off to a nurse & we went back to the waiting room. There was a really cool screen with her patient number that we watched go from "Pre-Op, Surgery, Complete" in a matter of 6 minutes. Done. We waited months, and visited multiple doctors, had follow up appointments, a referral & counted down to this surgery - for all of 6 minutes?
Presley was groggy & fussy & pretty heavy headed after coming out of surgery, but nursed & was fine afterwards. We drove home & were cozy & cuddled up on the cuddle fort for a day of relaxing by 8am. 

We ran errands afterwards & got lots of Daddy cuddles......and done. Just like that, it's done. 

I'm so excited to see how this helps Presley. I can't imagine having so many ear infections & fluid buildups - all while not being able to ask for help or to voice your discomfort. I'm praying that THIS was the thing bothering her so much & that this is the fix. Poor girl is getting FOUR molars right now - so as soon as those pop through, I'm thinking we will see a change.

15 April 2014

Toddler Chair Makeover

Since we've been up since 430am for Presley's surgery, I figured I'd take the day off & you could go check out ReasonsToSkipTheHousework - My Toddler Chair Makeover is live today!

I'll be back tomorrow with an update on how surgery day went. Wish us luck! 
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